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Avant Space was founded in 2016 by Anton Ossovskiy and is a startup that plans to launch advertising services in space.

The company’s developments include the GT-50 ion thruster that can be used for phasing, orbit raising, station keeping, and de-orbiting. The main advantages of the thruster are high specific impulse (up to 3500 s), high energy efficiency, and a long lifetime. The company is also developing a satellite platform that will use a GT-50 thruster.

Avant wants to send up to 30 satellites into orbit with the help of which advertising demonstration will be realized. A one-time show will cost customers $140 000. Each of the satellites from the constellation will weigh about 7,5 kg and will be equipped with lasers. That way, the company will be able to form an artificial constellation in the sky in the form of the company’s logo.

Avant plans to launch a test satellite into orbit in 2022, and the full constellation deployment is scheduled for 2024.

Connection with Russia
Russian company. All staf and founder (Anton Ossovsky) are Russion. Mikhail Kokorich was co-founder.
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Dauria Aerospace


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Dauria, Destinus, SteamJet Space, Astro digital, Momentus, ExactFarming, TransAstra

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