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The Asgardia Independent Research Center (AIRC), formerly The Aerospace International Research Center, was founded by Igor Ashurbeyli at the end of 2013. AIRC is based in Vienna, where the headquarters of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space is also located. AIRC AAS is the only institute in Austria whose activity is fully dedicated to the research of the Solar System, extraterrestrial life, and the Earth using space technologies and satellite techniques.

Since 2013, the AIRC staff has developed, constructed, and prepared for launch over 30 instruments and participated in the experiments of 15 space missions. For example, ESA’s missions Mars Express, Rosetta, Venus Express, Bepi Colombo.

In 2016 Ashurbeyli announced its plans to establish a “new space nation Asgardia.” Asgardia is a developing platform for a global space research center established to unite the world’s leading scientists for the purpose of deep space exploration. Asgardia’s immediate scientific and ideological mission is to facilitate the first childbirth in space. To achieve this goal in the next 25 years, Asgardia is already accumulating funds for a global research platform to create and test artificial gravity technology and space radiation protection methods. Asgardia operates its own satellite named Asgardia-1 for the first stage of the program.

Connection with Russia
Founder Igor Ashurbeyli is Russian and connected to the military industrial complex of the Russian Federation
TOP projects:

New node module for the International Space Station

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TOP partners:

1. Nanoracks Europe,
2. Thales Alenia Space (Italy),
3. OHB System (Germany)
4. QinetiQ (Belgium)


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Subsidiaries / sister companies:

1. Asgardia Terra Ark (ATA),
2. Asgardia Financial Ark (AFA)
3. AG and Asgardia (AIRC) GmbH

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