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InfoBiS LLC was founded in Saratov in 2004 by a group of IT specialists. The company solves the problem of accounting, control and optimal planning of the progress of agricultural work, allowing customers to achieve the maximum profitability of the agricultural business. Also the company propose product that allows to monitor the process of sowing and harvesting in real-time.


The main product is AgroSignal, a comprehensive digital agribusiness management platform. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, the platform captures and processes data online from a variety of sensors installed on agricultural machinery and workplaces. Analysis of information allows more accurate planning of agricultural work, setting tasks, monitoring their implementation and making operational decisions.


The company’s target customers are agricultural enterprises and plant growers with an area of 5000 hectares or more. Over the past 6 years, InfoBiS LLC has implemented a digital system in more than 250 agricultural enterprises in the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. The total area covered by Agrosignal is 4.5 million hectares. This is 30% of all digitized agricultural enterprises in Russia.

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