Aerospace Capital (Russia)

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CubeSats and SmallSats separation systems (Deployer)

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The company was founded in 2014 by Valeria Barashkova (former Marketing Communications Specialist in GK Launch Services) Alexandr Serkin and Andrei Karandaev. The company has a specialists with experience in space robotics, mechtronics, electronics and drives, strength, spacecraft design.
Aerospace Capital designs and manufactures CubeSat separation systems based on the in-house technical solutions. The main goal is to provide cost-effective, quick and reliable satellite adaptation for the launch, possible remote fir-check operations and in orbit satellite deployment. Among the other services provided by the Aerospace capital are design and manufacture of electronic units, design of structural components, strength analysis, mechnism development, development of mechanical locking systems.


On March 2021 the company successfully separated 9 SC and get flight proven products include: 12U deployers in 4x3U and 2x3U+6U configurations, and a sequencer.


Among Aerospace Caiptal customers are Open Cosmos, Telnet, University of Rome La Sapienza, University of Koshice, King Saud University.

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