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Advanced Propulsion Systems LLC was founded in 2020 by the inventor of Multidirectional Plasma Propulsion Systems Andrei Shumeiko and his partners. The company is also a former Skolkovo accelerator participant.


The company is focused on designing of plasma-based propulsion to enable a more sustainable space exploration. The projects that are currently under development: multichannel wave plasma thruster for increasing spacecraft maneuverability – the thruster is capable to create 6 thrust vectors that allow to fully control a satellite, the thruster uses on wave plasma technology increase operational lifetime – both of these factors drastically decrease the operational cost for swarms of satellites. Plasma-based sterilizer for sustainable hands disinfection – the device utilizes only water and electricity that makes it possible to endure future pandemics.


During the 2 years of operations, Advanced Propulsion Systems has successfully tested the prototype of its multichannel plasma thruster, got an IP, and together with its partner Bauman Moscow State Technical University started the developemnt of spacecraft IOD of which is planned for 2023.

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Russian company. Founder - Andrey Shumeiko
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